Közszolgálati demonstráció

A KÖZDEMOSZ-ba (Közszolgálati Dolgozók Demonstrációs és Sztrájkbizottságába) tömörült 28 közszolgálati szakszervezet tüntetése 2014. 02. 21-én. 10 órától 18 óráig folyamatosan tartott 50 beszédekben szóltak a kormány nem teljesített ígéreteiről és arról, hogy több közszolgálati területen (pl. a kultúrában) a kormány 4 éve alatt egyetlen fillér béremelés nem adott.

On Friday (21 February 2014) 28 trade unions from Public Sector arranged an all day event in front of the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest from 10 am till 6 pm.
Leaders of these organizations continuously are speaking about what is the biggest problem in their area.
In spite of the nice propaganda of the government most of the employees of public sector are in trouble. Official point of view: Results of Hungarian Government are better than ever. But actually who works in public sector, doesn’t feel like this.
In the last 6 years there was no salary raise, the 13Th month salary and other benefits were abolished, but, for example, there was 20% layoffs in Public Collections.
In most of the cases a high-qualified person has low salary, what isn’t enough for living, but the task in the workplace is much more than ever (unpaid overtime and so on). The vulnerability is higher  than ever due to the new legislation. In Hungary public servants could be fired without any justification.
Only a few people are taking part in trade union demonstrations, because many of them are working under threat in their workplace.

“Nem lehet, hogy nyomorogjunk!” – Pataky Péter, az MSZSZ elnöke beszél